The History Of Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Cosmetic laser surgery came about almost by accident when you consider how it began. In the 1950’s lasers were created for various things including that of the medical field. Lasers in the medical field were used as medical instruments. The lasers were designed to cut through the tissue in order to keep the bleeding of the patient to a minimum. Lasers were also used to help reach those body parts that were in some way obstructed.

So now, the medical field is filled with laser surgery as a better way to operate on a patient making the surgeon’s life a little easier. The best part about the laser instrument is the ability to adjust the wavelength of the laser without harming other aspects of the body. Cosmetic laser surgery is used for resurfacing. In other words, skin is replenished by the use of lasers to creating younger looking skin. Below are a few important points about cosmetic laser surgery.

* Younger looking skin. When you under go cosmetic laser surgery you are obtaining a fresh look. This means you can look ten to twenty years younger depending on how much you took care of your skin in your early life. Those who used products during their youth and did not let the sun harm their skin can look twenty years younger after cosmetic laser surgery.

* Precautions for those looking to have cosmetic laser surgery include reducing sunbathing to nil to avoid damaging their skin again.

* Laser surgery typically lasts for eight to ten years before you need another treatment.

* Speaking with at least two cosmetic laser surgery doctors may benefit you. This surgery is not easy. You may find that you are not comfortable with the procedure and it is not always the right move for everyone. You may also find that you are more comfortable with another physician than the first person you spoke with.

* Sensitive skin is one type of skin that may not suit well for cosmetic laser surgery. The people with sensitive skin have a higher risk for damage during surgery. There are also post- treatment medications that the skin may be too sensitive for.

* Disadvantages of cosmetic laser surgery are side effects that may be quite severe depending on you. They are temporary, but the uncomfortable feeling may be too much for the process. Side effects include skin reddening, tenderness, and swelling.

* Another disadvantage is the loss of pigmentation. Some who have undergone cosmetic laser surgery suffer from loss of skin color making you fairer because the laser has damaged the cells that produce the pigmentation. * Scarring can also result during the procedure if the laser is left on a spot to long. This is why it is important to have a highly credible surgeon.

If you are interested in cosmetic laser surgery you will want to be aware of all the facts before you under go the surgery. This is not something you should undertake lightly if for no other reason than the risks associated with the surgery.

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